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Logan A. Webster

Rogue Scientist
Naturalist | Writer | Educator

I have a love of both nature and the fantastical, which led me to pursue a masters in conservation biology and inquiry education. I hope to capture people's imaginations and bring them along on journeys that will have them looking at their world in a new light. I want to inspire people to explore and discover and fall in love with the world around them. Join me as I traipse through the fantastic, the biological, and the wonderful.

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A Collection of Fantastical Figments

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July 2019

“The mile-a-minute might be sluggish,” suggested the rookie thoughtfully, “since it's already feasting on two.” She absently slapped a probing tendril of kudzu off of her arm while taking in the rest of their surroundings for potential hazards. 

Hungry plants, opportunist predators, and survivor botanists await in my work 'Green Day' in Rhythm and Bones Press's Issue 5-Hunger, out now!

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A variety of science, history, and research related projects.

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WTH Wildlife

Educate | Empower | Entertain

Quick facts about weird wildlife, deep dives into conservation, and empowering viewers to make positive environmental changes. Plus a bit of off color humor.

You can follow WTH Wildlife on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Created and managed by Logan Rie Webster with contributions from David Schloss, Ramon Torres (RTiV Productions), Heather Kostic, and Kelly Russo Petrick (Twitter). 

Coast to Coast Science

Science Podcast

A science and humor podcast for both scientists and those less scientifically inclined! Hosted by Heather, Janet, and Logan.

Sometimes NSFW. Always interesting.

You can find CtCS Podcast on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever you get your podcasts from!

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Research A to Z

History Research Facts

A monthly and encyclopedic deep dive into anything from Archery to Zoology and everything in between using the power of the alphabet. 

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Run by Charlie Allison (website, Twitter)

Social Media Managed by Logan Rie Webster

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